Snow and Sakura

One of my friends told me that by the time I arrive in Tokyo, it already warm. So, don't buy thick clothes as they no longer useful. And it will be much cheaper in Tokyo (of course, if only you don't convert the price tag to Ringgit).

But it's freakishly freezing now. When I woke up this morning to brush my teeth, snow fell and I can see the beautiful view from my friend's house window. And the sakura already starts to bloom. I walked down the street of Yokohama and I can hear the Japanese talked about the weird weather and the coldness of the weather, although April is near and approaching.

You can blame the global warming for all the weird things happening in this Earth. But you will realize later that all your pointing finger will returned to yourself, as global warming itself caused by you.

On another note, I got apartment to live near Kashiwa campus ground (about 10-15 mins walk). There are many kombini (read:convenience store) and supaa (read:supermarket) within the vicinity and also some cafes and restaurants. A good way to start I guess.

Japanese way of renting house is a bit complicated for those who are new to the country. Normally those who wish to rent a house need to pay three times of the house rent to the agent when they first entered the house.

I love Kashiwa, the campus of University of Tokyo and its surrounding areas. Really. I really wish I will pass the entrance exam of University of Tokyo and become a permanent student there.

Safely Arrived in Rainy Tokyo

Just a quick one (because I'm posting from my friend's Mac), I have safely arrived in Narita Airport, yesterday morning at 6:50am. It was cloudy and a bit cold (I'm wearing a jacket and a layer of shirt, and I can feel the cold wind blows through my skin), but Alhamdulillah, everything turned out great so far.

Will have a busy week due to settle all my stuff before heading for Osaka on April 2 for Panasonic Scholarship Award Ceremony. Things to do before April 2 are:

1.Register for alien card (外国人渡鹿署) in Yokohama city hall (if possible because I need alien card urgently to start my life here). I'm staying with my friend's house in Yokohama and only will go to Kashiwa tomorrow. I am not sure whether I can register in Yokohama as resident although it is clearly stated that my university campus ground located in Kashiwa, Chiba.
2.If alien card done smoothly, apply for bank account in Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank and later register for mobile phone (read:iPhone 3G)
3.If alien card cannot be done in Yokohama city hall, no other option, need to find an apartment as soon as possible.
4. 10am, March 24, Tuesday-appointment with my tutor in Environmental Building, University of Tokyo, Kashiwa.
5.March 26, Thursday-Yokohama National University undergraduate graduation ceremony (横浜国立大学卒業式)! Congratulation guys!
6. March 27, Friday - Meet up with Mr. Koezuka and Mr. Yamamoto from Panasonic Scholarship Japan in University of Tokyo Hongo campus for receiving the Panasonic Envelope.
7. March 30 - My friend is going back to Malaysia. Safe journey home.
8. April 2 - Going to Osaka by bullet train (新幹線) for Panasonic Scholarship Award Ceremony.
9. April 3 - back in Tokyo. My life as research student (研究生) begins.

Wish me all the luck in the world:)

The Time When It's No Longer Tick

I've purchase the fake version of Bell & Ross BR 03-51 with two time reading but it is a pink gold version with yellow-ish dial. Looks kinda gigantic in my hand, but I like the casual feeling instead of my normal chronograph. Now people in the street can assume I am wearing a wall clock instead of a wrist watch. Yeah, funny.

But at the same time, my old fake Breitling stops ticking. It has the automatic/kinetic function which stops when it is not moved after a while. But normally, in just a few shakes, it'll going back to normal. This time it stops ticking for good.

Now, I don't have leather strap chronograph for formal function. My eye blinks twice as fast when I browse Tag Heuer website, especially the Carrera model, black leather and a bit red there. Is that a sign?

p.s. Forgive me God, who have sinned because alluring over the brand instead of its originality. It is 6 days before departure, and I haven't pack anything yet. Blame the lazy ass.

I don't really dig Korean mainstream music, because they're too hip hop and I don't really feel I can assimilate myself much into their music and cultures. But they're some exception, especially when it comes to some R&B ballads and groovy tunes of G.O.D, Shinhwa and Fly To The Sky. In fact, I only listen to Japanese version of Dong Bang Shin Ki (they're known as Tohoshinki in Japan) rather than their original Korean version.

And then comes this group, called Super Junior. Initially I had this kind of perception, ahh they're just the same good-looking guys for commercial material. But they proved me wrong after few hearings, as I can sing along to their tunes after a while. They pretty much have similar concept with Morning Musume, they have quite a number of members (13 so far), they just appointed a Chinese member, and most of their song requires a lot of dance moves.

They just released their third album, Sorry, Sorry, and I am kinda liked it. Especially their creative looking album cover. Watch their comeback performance in Inkigayo (hmm, sort of a weekly live show in Korea).

This gives me strong basis to produce my thought that Koreans and Indians are the best choreographers in the world. Shallow, isn't it?

Slumdog Millionaire: Love It or Hate It?

Although everyone had talked about it ever since few months back, I am not ashamed to say out loud that I just watched it last weekend. On DVD pasar malam mind you. I want to watch it in cinema, but the days have been so busy and tight lately.

I've put a higher standard and expectation to this movie not just because they're Oscar winning type, but because everyone went so gaga over them and the super cute casts (I don't want to sound like paedo, but hey they're really cute actually). I don't want to be mean, but Slumdog Millionaire just not up to the expectation that I hope for.

Overall storyline and cinematography is awesome. The soundtrack is good as well. But something had missing. I cannot describe it into details because I simply don't know how to describe it. It just the feeling of satisfaction when I watch any movie that been missing.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 20 million rupees. Don't you feel life is so sweet that you can be a millionaire just by sitting on the chair and answering who is the third Three Musketeers?

There are so many opportunities this world can offer. Life is good. Certainly.
2 weeks. 11 days to be exact. I'll be starting a whole new different life. Although some parts are still the same, but I guess most of it will be facing major lift.

Transition is something that I never enjoyed. When I was starting my form 1 class in a government based school, I had a hard time to get along with my peers as I come from a private religious primary school. When I first start my life in a boarding school four years after, again the same thing happen. But thank goodness I didn't face too much problem when I first entered university and later start my day job. But here and there, the transition phase had troubled me somehow.

I guess the same thing happen when you are married, have your first child, grandchild and so on. And right now, going to foreign country is another transition phase that I need to face. I hate it, but it is something that I can't decline.

I'll save the drama for the next two weeks. I want to enjoy my very last moment in home before it slowly fades away.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra

I am one of the follower for Google Blog as I love all the creativity inside Google and it is undeniable that I use almost everything they've got to offer. From Gmail, Youtube and Blogger.

Recently, YouTube had called for professional and amateur musicians to participate in YouTube Symphony Orchestra audition. The interested candidate can submit their video to the orchestra channel in YouTube (they don't even need to come anywhere, because the audition is online!), and the selected musician has been revealed last March 2. They will travel to New York on April and participate in YouTube Symphony Orchestra summit in Carnegie Hall under direction of Michael Tilson Thomas. Michael Tilson Thomas is the music director of San Fransisco Symphony and few times Grammy winner.

I checked the selected oboist for YouTube Symphony and two persons have been selected, an Israelis and Japanese guy.

You can view the special channel for YouTube Symphony Orchestra here and watch one of the finalist video below! He's playing the romantic Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98. Bravo!

On a more personal note, I'd submitted my application for visa this morning and the person in charge said I can collect it back the day after tomorrow. I just realized how small Japan Embassy building in Malaysia compared to other embassy in Malaysia (like United States).

And I am downloading the compilation album of the late Aaliyah. How can I miss some of her tracks despite the known fact that I grew up listening to her songs?

Have a great week, peeps.