Moved to Tumblr

I have been writing in Blogger since 2003, thus it almost 10 years since I start blogging. It's a difficult decision to leave Blogger, for all the memories, joy and tears, we shared through all my journey of life.

However, I have decided to move on with something new. I managed to stick with Blogger during the time where all my blogging friend changed their platform to Movable Type, Wordpress and many other cool blog platform. And now Blogger is way cooler than all of them, but I decided to switch. Talking about how people change their mind.

I'm moving to Tumblr. Not because they have some kind of extra feature that made me change my mind, but somehow, some change would be a fresh starting point. And I hope by that it will keep me blogging despite my hectic grad student life.

But if it bores me, it's not impossible I return back to this ground.

So find me in my new playground: