Wind Blows and The Day Goes By

Forgive me for being a lazy blogger. I did have a lot of fun in my life during my hiatus time, but my sluggish trait just hold my thoughts from being spilled here for much a longer time.

One of the big and major news clouding over Tokyo is the past few weeks include the spreading case of swine influenza in Kantou area (Kantou covers the Tokyo and its suburbs area), starting with Hachioji and Kawasaki. Both areas are located near Yokohama and Kanagawa Prefecture, which is pretty far from my location in Chiba and Kashiwa. But the fast H1N1 virus spreaded fast to Saitama Prefecture in just mere days, and since Saitama is even closer to Chiba, supposedly I think, the time has come to get freaky.

But apparently it was not. The number of people wearing mask in the train or in the busy street of Shibuya is just normal, and it is perhaps due to the slowing outbreak (I think there is no more new cases reported around Kantou, and the government starts to announce that things are getting better). Nevertheless, the virus is still around, so it is better to stay safe and alert.

I am currently on a marathon run of reading all Murakami Haruki's psychotic fiction but since my life is more preoccupied of academic thesis, IPCC reports and IEA journals, the fiction reading activity has been slowing down a bit. Murakami's new anticipated novel, 1Q84 (which can be pronounced as 1984 in Japanese) is a hit before it even reaches the bookstore's shelf. The publisher got 480,000 orders for first run copy and that is really quite a number. Too bad I still haven't attempted to read any Japanese fictions yet, so I can only let my finger crossed on 1Q84 to be translated to English as soon as possible.

On a more personal note, the entrance exam is getting near. I really need get my hands done on every essential mathematics before the burden comes.

Wish me luck and have a nice day.

ps. picture of 1Q84 in bookstores, courtesy of Japan Times/AP

City of Cyclist

Sunday is always on lazy mode for me, and I believe for everyone else too. The cloudy, rainy and windy weather here in Kashiwa make the feel even stronger. I love sipping the coffee at home and watching the minutes go by, just like that. Unproductive, you tell me, but somehow I feel good doing that.

I had a busy and full of activity last week where I need to present two papers in my lab's seminar. The first one is about McKinsey&Co.'s Pathway to Low Carbon Economy paper and the second one os International Energy Agency's Carbon Capture and Storage paper. The former paper is all about economic terms and et cetera, so I had a tough time wiki-ing and googling all those terms. Both presentations went well though. Praise to Allah.

My university campus ground supposedly had a BBQ party last week but it was canceled due to crazy wind in Kashiwa. God, I never feel this windy before. It almost made me change the lane in my bicycle ride. Oh yes, I have the bicycle now. Just like I want it, slightly smaller 20-inch type. So cute, just like the rider.

I found the video about Copenhagen City of Cyclist promo and I find it absolutely cool. Bicycle is a normal transportation here in Japan although everyone knows Japan is one big leader in automotive manufacturer. I certainly feel it is good if Malaysia should be the same, everyone cycles to work/school everyday, less traffic congestion and lesser carbon emission, of course.

Copenhagen - City of Cyclists from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

Oh I'm listening to the free tracks of Coldplay from the album of Left Right Left Right. Awesome tracks and it's free! Download now from here. Can't wait to watch them in action if they come here in Tokyo.

May is already halfway and it means my time for preparing for the entrance exam is getting less and less day by day. I really need to focus and getting my nerves back on math.

ps. My June want list grows to Levi's skinny jeans, Muji yoga mat and clothing, francfranc laundry basket, and stuff from ettusais men and Lush handmade cosmetics!

pss. Kansai region (specifically Kobe prefecture) has their first H1N1 influenza case. Don't you dare to hit Kantou, Mr. Influenza. Please.

War and Reconciliation

And finally Japan get his shares on H1N1 influenza strain. Two students and one teacher who returning back from a student exchange program in Canada complaining that they have flu-like symptoms and quickly quarantined once they arrived in Narita.

And coincidently, Canada reported their first death of the influenza strain.

World without borders. Globalization. That's the fact of world we live in today. If knowledge, cultures and sex tapes can spread all over the globe in split seconds, why can't a virus do the same thing?

More on the global note, Pope Benedict XVI had called for an interfaith reconciliation, on his second day tour of Middle East. Al Jazeera reported him quoting 'He said Muslims and Christians must strive to be seen as faithful worshippers of God "because of the burden of our common history" that has often been marked by misunderstanding'. I'm not his fan, let alone a Christian but I do agree with him about the fact that all of us need to love each other and reconcile. Hating each other and killing people is just beyond insanity. The fact that many Muslims, Christian and even Jews had been killed by the name of war is something that need to be stopped.

Spread the love and today's Mother's Day. To my mum...

'Happy Mother's Day, Mak!. Untuk Mak paling hebat di dunia (overrated I know, but who cares, she's my mum!), Daus sayang Mak dunia dan akhirat dan mengucapkan mak berada dalam kesihatan yang baik dan kekal muda selalu dengan SKII! :)'

My Malay now sounds a bit rusty. The effect of talking Japanese, English and slang-ish Malay for so long. Masa untuk memperkasa bahasa ibunda, mungkin?

'Hanya cinta yang 'kan selalu
menyembuhkan sgala luka
Hanya cinta yang 'kan selalu
bisa membuktikan semua
keindahan hidup'
-Marcell, Hidup 2008

Quick Updates

I am so bad at blogging and I don't feel like updating any longer. But there'd been lots of tremendous things going around me and I kinda like to blog the snippets here.

1. My golden week holiday was filled by a road trip to beaches of Kamogawa in Chiba and exposure to Japanese pottery art in Kasama, Ibaraki.

2. I am going hiatus again after this. Perhaps a long one. Busy with academic matters, entrance exam, seminar's presentations etc.

3. I swear I want to learn and do everything I want after the hell of entrance exam is over (with the good outcome of course) and I don't want to procrastinate this thing anymore. Let's start with saxophone, shakuhachi, climbing Fuji mountain and being a loyal yoga practitioner.

4. I really need to learn the art of organizing my financial matters and sorting out my ever growing need and want list.

5. I start to realize that you won't get any possibility of brighter skin when living in a temperate climate countries. Yes, I was that conservative.

6. I predict I am going to dream more about climate change and carbon dioxide after this. Geez.

7. Apart from my busy schedule of entrance exam this August, I do have plan to go to Hokkaido this summer. Looking forward to that.

8. There are rumors spreading around that Panasonic will release Lumix LX6 in third quarter of 2010. I don't think I can wait that long if I still stick to L-series for my wanted photography gear.

9. Volunteering, part-time jobs, freelancing and being a climate activist are few things that keep rotating in my mind right now.

Have a good life, peeps.

Thank you for blessing the road I walk on
That I’m walking on
I’m sorry for every mistake I fall on
Can’t help but fall

You’ve changed this heart in me
And I know, I can always count on You
To give me the signs

In the wind on my face
Each time I try to run
From the sight of Your grace
From the wrongs I have done

You shine down your light
each time I need a guide
I say to hearts in despair
There’s an answer to a prayer

Give me true love in my life, a peaceful mind
Save me from harm
Pull me back if I ever try to walk away
Don’t let me stray

You’ve changed this heart in me
And I know I can always count on You
To give me the signs

In the wind on my face
Each time I try to run
From the sight of Your grace
From the wrongs I have done

You shine down Your light
Each time I need a guide
I say to hearts in despair
There’s an answer to a prayer
Say to all hearts in despair, there’s an answer to a prayer

You’ve changed this heart in me
And I know I can always count on You
To hear my prayers

You shine down Your light
And I know there’s an answer to a prayer

You shine down Your light
Each time I need a guide
I say to hearts in despair
There’s an answer to a prayer

Still in the mood of holiday since it's long break called Golden Week in Japan. No, I'm not feeling anything near despair, but I feel this song by Anggun soothes my feeling and rejuvenate me. Whatever faith you hold and whatever religion you believe in, always remember that there's an answer to a prayer.

At least I believe in that.