Self Note: Next Project

Jobhunting is exhausting. But living in an environment where discounts are everywhere and I am powerless to buy is absolutely sucks. A job is not something that I need anymore. It is something that I want, and it's a must!

MSI Group is going to call me this week if I fit their criteria and get the job as engineer at their firm. And I am absolutely looking forward for that. A job in central KL, mainly in KLCC area and a job in consulting is something that I have been searching all this while. I am also waiting for any interview request from AirAsia and EDAG (an automotive consulting firm from Germany), but yeah of course, first firm that hiring me will get my top priority.

On another note, me and Abah went to ICOM (International College of Music) Open Day today. ICOM is one of Asia's leading music school, offers variety academic programme related to music, and it has very great network with famous music school around the world, including Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and also great touch with music industry. I am interested to join their weekend class later, as one of my life resolution next year is to learn how to play one musical instrument. They also has quite a great list of alumnus, including my fave Mia Palencia from Double Take (jazz duo). She has the most amazing voice I ever heard in my dear whole life, and I will review her later in this blog (when I've got the right time and right information, of course).

I have three books in my shelf, waiting to be read:

1-John Perkins's Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
2-Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven
3-Michael Crichton's A Case Of Need

I have no mood in reading recently. The only stuff that I read is mags, range basically from this month's GQ and Off The Edge. I was quite disappointed with Off The Edge these days, somehow it appears to be more political inclined and its tagline 'arts and culture for businessperson' sounds so unrelated to me.

Apart from reading, the next list is will fill my Movie Goers review later:

1-Arang (Korean horror-thriller flick) - now screening in cinemas. Plan to watch it after Malaysia Airport's Management Trainee Pre-Test Selection this Tuesday.
2-Volver (Spanish) - saw this film promo at London Underground while I was in London last August. Pedro Almodovar is one of my favourite film director. Plus Penelope Cruz is a darling. Who need other reason?
3-Cicak Man (Malay sci-fi) - ehh?
4-Sinking of Japan (Japanese thriller) - watch the trailer and you'll be dying to watch this movie.

I am also finishing Dance Drill (Japanese dorama) starring by Eikura Nana and Kato Rosa. Great dorama. Haih. Still I am wondering, why Japanese can make such an interesting dorama and we can't? Theirs include story about cheer dance, F1 driver, pilot, shotgun marriage, and many more subjects but we still bounded in family problem and polygamy plotlines. Why in the world we cannot make something out of the box?

I have put this blogspot site in my URL section in my CV. So any future employer and boss who care to read my CV and surf this blog a.k.a my personal site, you are most welcome. This site may just be some little piece or fraction from my whole life story, and it also hard to tell what kind of person I am because it is still new, although I have been blogging since my college days (in other blog address).

Till then.

Movie Goers: Cinta (Malay)

Trailer untuk filem ini rasanya dah sebulan lebih kat TV dan suratkhabar. Ada orang kata Cinta ialah filem Melayu yang ditunggu-tunggu tahun ini. Ada jugak orang kata Cinta ialah lambang kebangkitan filem Malaysia. Semua review kat paper kata Cinta ialah satu filem yang mampu menyentuh naluri kemanusiaan. Senang citer, semua orang kata Cinta filem yang best. Review jugak kater, Cinta ialah filem Malaysia pertama yang guna multiplot macam Love Actually. And due to the fact that I am a sucker of Love Actually (minat giler sampai ade kat dalam hard disk PC nih and ulang tengok for zillion times kot), I'm overly excited for Cinta.

Opps, plan tanak guna English untuk review Cinta. So kembali berbahasa Melayu. Kalau nak diceritakan tentang jalan cerita Cinta, sinematografi dan soundtracknya, anda boleh baca mende mende tu kat paper. Kan? Jadi apa lagi yang ada kt filem ni sampai sumer orang kate filem ni wajib tonton tahun ni? Ini sebabnya.

Since ever, dunia memang pandang ke Barat dalam sumer perkara. Okay, that's maybe a mistake historically (sbb bukan since ever pon) but hakikatnya, itulah realitinya sekarang ini. Hollywood menjadi pengeluar filem-filem hebat dunia, kerana mereka mampu memberikan yang terbaik dalam seni sesebuah filem itu, baik daripada kesan efek khas hinggalah kepada pelakon-pelakon yang hebat. Namun itu tidak bermakna dunia Timur (khasnya Asia) ketandusan karya-karya yang boleh dibanggakan. Filem-filem Asia mungkin tidak sehebat Hollywood daripada segi teknologi (CGI effects and so on), tapi filem Asia memang hebat apabila menyentuh aspek emosi.

Amat jarang jika diperhatikan dalam sesebuah filem Hollywood, scenes yang mampu membuatkan penonton mengalirkan air mata setempayan. Tapi ia adalah perkara biasa bagi sebuah filem Asia. Bukan setakat filem, malah turut merangkumi semua produksi termasuk drama TV. Lihat sahaja semua karya-karya Asia. Contoh yang telah saya tonton dan minati termasuklah Korea (Taegukgi), Jepun (One Litre of Tears, Mukodono 2003 etc.), Indonesia (Tentang Dia etc.) dan banyak lagi. Ini belum masuk filem Hong Kong, Iran dan Bollywood. Cinta, as a matter of fact, juga tergolong dalam kategori ini.

Namun apa yang menarik tentang Cinta ialah, it looks, sounds and feels great. Sinematografinya menampilkan shot-shot yang terbaik. Nampak macam commercial raya Petronas and a music video at the same time. Selesai menonton Cinta, akan ada suatu perasaan di hati penonton untuk berkata dalam hati, "Cantiknya KL! Apsal selama nih rasa cam biasa je?". Yes, Cinta telah membangkitkan perasaan itu pada saya. Who needs London anyway, hehe!

Soundtrack, superb. Saya sangat teruja apabila mendengar lagu Anggun - Selamanya menjadi tabir untuk scene Dyan dikebumikan (spoiler ahead!), sebab I'm a die hard fan of Anggun. Ternyata pemilihan lagu yang dibuat sangat sangat bersesuaian untuk semua scene dalam filem ini. Two thumbs up.

Feeling. Hmmm. Apa nak citer lagi? Sumer feel ade. But scene yang bole buat anda menangis ialah scene hujan (masa tu lagu Cinta by Misha Omar and Jaclyn Victor) and scene Dyan baca puisi (eh puisi ke? cam doodles je) kt Dani at ward.

Apa lagi? Tak reti reti nak gi wayang tengok citer Melayu? Cinta finally at our cinemas brother, watch it with love.

Self Note: My Endless Wish List and Life Resolution.

Dear God, life is getting me bore day by day. Oh how much I wish this life could be reversed to the good old days. Days while I was a kid, while I was a teenage. Days when time just goes by, without even much to think about. Oh, how much I miss those days.

And I'm getting sick telling myself 'Life is good dude' almost everyday.

But on another side, if I have been given a chance to choose, somehow, this so called 'long vacation' can be a big deal. Life is deep boring, and everyday seems meaningless. There's no long hours in the office. There's no extra babble by your boss. And there's absolutely no hectic ride to and from office everyday. I should take this opportunity to rejuvenate and unwind.

So I should thank You God. Thou art the best (btol ke ayat ni? nak berlagak Shakespeare lak aku *wink*).

One good thing happen when you are jobless and have quite a near zero life is, you've got a chance to think and reevaluate certain things in your life. What comes through my brain is an endless wish list and future life resolution. Sheesh, sounds so Bridget Jones. But I don't give a damn, whether its Bridget Jones or fcuking Mr Bean. I know deep inside, something has to be changed. And this is it, my new point of view towards my future life.

Life Resolutions 2007:

1-Got a job! (d'oh obviously)
2-Tokyo Encounter 2007 (my travel project to Japan with Syer)
3-fulfill my wish list
4-fluent my Japanese (more Kanji need to be mastered, yosh ikuze!)
5-get my own domain i.e.
6-own any Paul Smith item!
7-register myself to guitar or contemporary dance class.
8-get myself a credit card
9-own an 80GB iPod and MacBook.
10-(soon to be filled up)

My Endless Wish List:

1-Kanji jishou (Kanji characters dictionary)
2-Calvin Klein euphoria for men.
3-SK-II Facial Traetment Essence 75ml (hambik siap isipadu tuh)
4-iPod Video 80GB
5-Apple MacBook 13.3"
6-Sony Ericsson z610i-Black or Blue
7-Shorts at Samuel & Kevin or Studio 78 (either one la, both looks fine for me)
8-Cool singlet at People's
9-A pink yet smart looking necktie
10-Ray Tailor/Gap/Raoul double cuff white shirt
11-Mont Blanc/dunhill pen
12-Any casual blazer
13-Gap casual double cuff shirt
14-Zara/FCUK jeans
15-Pashminas (plural because one for my mum's birthday present)
16-Paul Smith items (hopefully an iPod case)
17-Mulberry bag
18-Prada Linea Rossa shoe

Yeah, you served it right. Do you think it will be fulfilled? By next year perhaps?

Self Note: Should There Be Another Opportunity?

Went for MSI Group interview yesterday, and I am quite confident that I will be selected to fit in. Yes, it's a small company but its major activity is consulting, which is something really I'm looking forward to. The office is not so superbly designed, but at least with quite a huge space of cubicle and a flat screen monitor would be a major relief. Plus, they have Internet connection!! That is soooo the kudos for MSI compared to Perodua, who is absolutely suck in terms of Internet connectivity in the office. Yeah, how in the world you don't have Internet connection at this so-called global-Internet-savvy era? And at the time when other people siap bole download new season of House and new Takuya's dorama and siyap bole chatting bagai nak rak with their YM or MSN kt desktop derang? Ade tu siap bole pasang webcam lg kt PC office, nk bg awek derang nampak muka derang time buat keja. Logik ke aku tak hangin?

But, there's always a turn down. Starting salary is only twenty hundred. But I am happy to say, the office in KLCC! Which means that is totally a YES. Lantak la gaji starting rendah, asal aku happy, asal aku bole beli Mac Book and iPod 80GB by installment. Wah cita-cita hebat.

That is the only good thing about career life. You get to bargain with all your heart. Just forget to mention its only happen at the end of the month.

Movie Goers: Step Up

Step Up
Originally uploaded by fid anuar.

Apart from the rainy and dreary climate recently, November has always been a month for movie goers. Almost every week, the screen show will be flooded with new great movies. And the first week of November this year seen Step Up and Death Note listed in my Must Watch List.

Since I haven't watch Death Note yet, Step Up will be my first Movie Goers review this season.

So, sedap sangat ke citer Step Up ni? The answer is, sedapp giler. If you like Save Your Last Dance, this piece is for you. Step Up, starring by Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, is a story about dance, friendship and a lil bit about violent truth of nigga's world. I have always like the cool and great choreography moves, so that explains the reason why I like this movie so much. The storyline however, is a lil bit biasa. The story starts with a scene in a party, shows the friendship among Mac Carter and his brother Skinny with nigga-wannabe white boy named Tyler Gage(Channing Tatum). They then, are caught vandalizing theatre stage at Maryland School of Arts(MSA) but only Tyler is busted.

So there it goes. Tyler need to complete 200 hours community service in MSA. As a new 'janitor intern' he then falls for Nora Clark(Jenna Dewan), who is a senior in dance, and apparently stressed out and struggle to perform the best she can in her next dance showcase. Her dance partner, Andrew, suddenly involves in accident and he is not able to perform the dance routine. Then comes Tyler, who has talent in dancing (but basically in hip hop and breakdance move).

Next, Nora breaks with her boyfriend (watch if you want to know why), and she starts dating Tyler. It is basically quite predictable, and the storyline is pretty similar with other teen flick.

I must admit, the best thing about Step Up is the choreography. It is directed by Anne Fletcher, who is also responsible for the choreography of the movie.

I like the scene where they have a party and Lucy is performing together with Miles as the DJ. The dance move in that scene is the best, and I was almost dance along, haha.

I am not a big fan of hip hop, but I admit I like the soundtrack. My choice: 'Till The Dawn' by Drew Sidora. It is the one in the party scene (which I like the dance move).

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan is rumored to starts dating after starring together in this movie. Cool huh? There was critic says they doesn't look good while dancing together (as in no chemistry), but it appears to be wrong since the movie grossed quite well in the States and Canada.

Step Up is absolutely worth a watch if you a big fan of dance and choreography, teen flick and hip hop thing. Believe me.

Cool Quote.

"Is... is this where you kill me?"- Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum)

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