Being Vocal and Take Action

(unrelated picture: the new prime minister of Japan, Hatoyama Yukio and his wife, Miyuki when they were young. Picture taken from The Independent)

Albeit the fact that I am supposed to write a 2 A4 pages essay for Panasonic Essay Contest, I ended up writing some nonsensical stuff here. Writing in Japanese is quite a new thing for me, considering my shaky intermediate level of the language, especially in kanji/漢字(the Chinese character) and bunpou/文法(grammar). I admit I still have a long way to go in mastering Japanese verb conjugation and bombastic vocabulary.

And I'm dying to read Murakami Haruki pieces in its original language.

I am currently reading the online homepage of Al-Jazeera regarding concern voiced over climate change all around the world. News in Japan has focused on their new prime minister, Hatoyama Yukio speech in United Nation meeting in New York regarding Japan's upcoming 25% CO2 reduction by 2020 compared to 1990 level. Some commented that it is a very high aim for Japan to cut that much, especially with pressure from the industrial sector (like Keidanren/経団連/Japan Business Federation) and current economic condition.

Whether Japan will succeed on its vision to save the earth, it all depends on the succeeding plan and strategy. Japan is known as one of the most energy efficient in the world, just look to their dedication towards hybrid car and energy efficient air-cond.

Putting Japan outside the frame, how about other major emitters that supposed to take similar or stronger action regarding greenhouse gas emission? United States for example, has been criticized globally for their unwilling act on ratification of Kyoto Protocol, despite their image as the sole power in United Nation. China, who is the largest emitter, has made a better move by ratifying the protocol, but response to critic against their energy policy as unjust and not fair, with regards to their gigantic population (they made one-fifth of total human being on this globe).

It is a good news to know that these powers has started to voice their concern regarding the climate change issue and ready to take necessary action on it. On the other note, topics regarding food and energy security and also world peace need further attention as well. Referring to the speech made my the president of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi on recent United Nation meeting, he called for major reformation in Security Council, quoting the 'Security Council' as 'Terror Council' due to his view that the decision taken by Security Council does not reflect the stand point of the other 192 member of United Nation. And as expected, Gaddafi's speech has been lambasted by African and Middle East media for the reason he did not mention anything about climate change in spite of the focus of the meeting.

If we look at Malaysia as another sample study case, comparing the verbal action voiced over and physical action taken with regards to any issues of concern, you will observe a high discrepancy there. Issue regarding illegal immigrants has been in the media for ages, with thousands of response and opinions heard. But I would feel sorry to realize nothing much has been done to solve it.

Being vocal is necessary. Taking action is undeniably would be much better.

Will the great powers unite to tackle the climate issue? Finger crossed.
Will the world be at peace forever like the Snow White ending? I doubt it would be possible in recent years to come.
Will the illegal immigrant issue in Malaysia be solved? A stronger reinforcement would do (I am an immigrant myself now in this foreign land, but at least I'm legal)
Will I manage to complete the essay in Japanese? Maybe I should just translate this thing back to Japanese. Sigh.


Coy and Imran said...

Based on IPCC's research, the target should be 40% for industrial nations. At UNFCCC, they agreed to put 25%-40% so Hatoyama is basically giving them the minimum target. I bet not much can be reduced domestically, they'll sure buy carbon offsets from poor nations.

Btw, good luck with your essay! :)

fidanuar said...

Well I think Hatoyama just give the figure to promote his political career but he gives some figure at least. True, I bet nothing much to be done with regards to that. Even figure yang dulu pun tak sampai target kan?