The Land of Train

Japan is known with so many terms like The Land of Sakura and also The Land of Rising Sun, but not many people call Japan as The Land of Train. Train might be the first thing you see when you first enter Japan by airplane, since that type of transport sprawling all over this nation and connects almost every place (even the remote and rural ones). And don't even start mention about the Tokyo subway and train system, it confuses all foreigners and newcomers to this city.

Despite the complex train system in Tokyo and major urban center in Japan, undeniably it the most important factor in daily Japanese life and one of the most important factor in the rapid development of Japan after World War II period until now. Each train lines and subway system has their own history, like the bullet train (known as Shinkansen) is opened in times with Tokyo Olympics 1964. Japanese spend most of their life inside the train, while commuting back and forth to work place, and also for other purpose.

Train system in Japan is not just famous for its effective and complex network, but also for its punctuality. Japan railway network has been regarded as one of the most punctual in the world. With some of the train has interval for only few minutes for each train schedule, it is not a surprising thing to see train schedule in unusual time like 10:43 and so on.


N'war said...

Habis tu mode of transport ko train lah yek.

Kengkadang Putra sini pun lambat gak.