Rest in Peace, Michael Joseph Jackson 1958-2009

I woke up yesterday and did my usual routine, breakfast and coffee, reading news Utusan Malaysia, Yomiuri Shimbun and Reuters online. But before I managed to type the URL and press enter, Najib buzzed me through IM.

'Michael Jackson has gone'

I was numb as usual. No feeling. I know he is like the King of Pop and the most phenomenal thing this music industry can offer. But I just woke up from sleep and didn't have the mood to feel lost.

But, it would be a lie if I don't feel moved at all. Being 80's baby, I grew up listening to his songs. I agree I ain't really a die hard fan, but some of his songs somehow blends in me.

I personally love him back in The Jackson 5 days. The era where he is still young, naive kids who hasn't done any weird changes to his face yet. It reminds me much about my childhood years. Listening to 'I'll be There' brings a lot of glowing memories inside me.

It was very unfortunate for him to not able to make the comeback before he passed away. The bankruptcy issue and many other lawsuit against him did make me sad. And when he said he wants to embrace Islam and live in Middle East, I can feel the joy felt by his Muslim fan.

So long MJ. Rest in peace.

"Even though the pain and heartache
Seems to follow me wherever I go
Though I try and try to hide my feelings
They always seem to show
Then you try to say you're leaving me
And I always have to say no...
-Never Can Say Goodbye, The Jackson 5, 1971.


Coy and Imran said...

I pun mula2 dengar rasa numb. Only after watching "Remembering Michael Jackson" segment and the likes on TV baru rasa sedih. :-(

fidanuar said...

yelah coy, me too. mula mula dengar mmg cam takde perasaan. maybe sbb still early in the morning kan, br bangun. bile dh dengar all his songs balik, tetiba baru start rasa sedih sbb his songs are the songs I listened when I grew up. And baru la nak perasan dia dah takde.